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Fonction et institution

Associate Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Japan

Yuji Nishiyama received his PhD from Hitotsubashi University’s School of Languages and Society in 2006. From 2007 to 2010, he worked as a Project Lecturer in the University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP), one of the most active philosophical center in Japan. He has been teaching in the section of French Studies at the Tokyo Metropolitan University since 2010. He also develops his activities as Program Director in the International College of Philosophy (Le Collège international de Philosophie) in Paris. He works on modern French philosophy, focusing on Jacques Derrida and Maurice Blanchot. In the past few years he is working on a research project titled “Philosophy and University”. He is the author of Literature as Contestation : Solitude, Friendship and Community in Maurice Blanchot (Tokyo : Ochanomizu-syobô 2007) and The Right to Philosophy (with DVD, Keiso-syobo, 2011), and the editor of Philosophie et Éducation II : Le droit à la philosophie (UTCP 2009), and Philosophy and the University (Miraisya, 2009). He is also the Japanese translator of books and articles by Jacques Derrida (The University without Condition, Save the Name), Maurice Blanchot (Political Writings), Jean-Luc Nancy (Hegel), Emmanuel Levinas (Ethics and Infinity) and Catherine Malabou (The Futur of Hegel), etc.

Principales publications/Publications

Literature as Contestation : Solitude, Friendship and Community in Maurice Blanchot, Ochanomizu-syobô, 2007.
Philosophie et Éducation II : Le droit à la philosophie, UTCP, 2009.
Philosophy and the University, Miraisya, 2009.
The Right to Philosophy, with DVD, Keiso-syobo, 2011.
The Humanities and the Instituion, Miraisya, 2013.
Dates de séjour à l’IAO/In-residence period

April 2014
Objectif/Purpose of stay

Organizing the symposium "Fukushima : le politique après la catastrophe. Epistémologie, philosophie, politique" (3-4 April, Université Jean Moulin, Lyon)
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