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Workshop : Cities in Energy Transition

Workshop : Cities in Energy TransitionLe 19 septembre 2015, Salle de réunion de l’IAO (R66), Workshop cities in Energy Transition : comparative analysis of policies and stragegies in Europe ans Asia. Co-organized by Institut d’Asie Orientale, Triangle and IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies.

Linked to climate change imperatives, the energy transition is nowadays on the agenda in Europe as well as in Asia. National, regional or local policies are being implemented to fix objectives or support actors involved in action. Cities are expected to implement innovative projects (energy management, transport etc.) to achieve their objectives. Companies are requested to test new technologies or services (smart-grids, Evs, etc.) while citizens are supposed to change their behavior accordingly (energy consumption, mobility).

The workshop will first introduce the energy transition in France and Germany to serve as a reference, then it will focus on Asia, taking different approaches and/or based on cases experimented in Japan and China. Hopefully a comparative perspective will come out from discussion.

Programme du conférence