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Séminaire de l’IAO : Michele Ford

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"The Organized Labour Movement in Indonesia in Comparative Perspective"

Michele Ford, Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, University of Sydney, Australia
Jeudi 7 mai 2015, Salle de réunion de l’IAO (R66), de 14h à 15h30

Résumé : Since the fall of Suharto (1998) Indonesia’s labour movement has undergone a fundamental transition from a semi-clandestine oppositional force to the poster-child of the global unions. Where once they were excluded from all but the most formalistic manifestations of tripartism, trade unions now play a substantive role not only workplace bargaining and wage-setting mechanisms, but also in public policy debates and even formal politics. This paper places the transformation of the Indonesian labour movement in comparative perspective, with reference to the experiences of seven other Southeast Asian countries. It argues that key factors distinguishing the Indonesian case from others in the region include the strength of grassroots organizing in the late Suharto period, international support for new trade unions and the broadening of trade union agendas beyond the economic scope prescribed for them by Suharto’s New Order regime.