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Séminaire de l’IAO : Guan Xiaojing

Affiche_seminaire"Who was the Bannerman ? The military rule over Qing China (1644-1911)"

Guan Xiaojing, Chercheuse à l’Académie des Sciences Sociales de Pékin, Chine
9 octobre 2014, Salle de réunion de l’IAO (R66), de 14h00 à 15h30

Résumé : For more than 250 years, the Chinese empire was occupied by a military force, composed of Manchus, Mongols, and part of the Han rallied to them. They were members of Banners, which were basic military, social, and political organization, through which the Manchus imposed their rule over China. This resulted in a major split in Qing society between Bannermen (qiren) and ordinary people (minren). This talk will discuss how the main garrisons were located and organized in Beijing, provincial cities, and boarder areas in order to control the territory. Then, we will examine the main features of the Bannermen population, how it evolved till the end of the Qing, and the situation of the descents of these people today.