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Numéro spécial de la revue Journal of Vietnamese Studies

Commodified women’s bodies in Vietnam and beyond
Christian Henriot / Isabelle Tracol-Huynh / Frédéric Roustan /Caroline Grillot / Nicolas Lainez
Table of Contents
- Supplying Female Bodies : Labor Migration, Sex Work, and the Commoditization of Women in Colonial Indochina and Contempory Vietnam
- The Shadow Theater of Prostitution in French Colonial Tonkin : Faceless Prostitutes under the Colonial Gaze
- Mousmés and French Colonial Culture : Making Japanese Women’s Bodies Available in Indochina
- Between Bitterness and Sweetness, When Bodies Say it All : Chinese Perspectives on Vietnamese Women in a Border Space
- Commodified Sexuality and Mother-Daughter Power Dynamics in the Mekong Delta