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Mini-workshop "Challenging received wisdom on Asian countries"

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Mini-workshop "Challenging received wisdom on Asian countries" aura lieu le samedi 21 mai 2016 de 9h à 12h15 en R66 (salle de réunion de l’IAO) dans le cadre de la réunion de l’European Alliance for Asian Studies (EAAS).

Programme :

8:30 : welcome coffee/tea and informal exchanges

9:00 : Patrick Köllner (GIGA) "Exploring the roles of foreign policy think tanks in Asia : -a research agenda "
9:30 : Florence Graezer-Bideau and Marc Laperrouza (EPFL) "Makerspaces : politics and communities of innovation in contemporary China”
10:00 : Anja Jetschke (University of Goettingen) "Between Asian exceptionalism and isomorphism : the international relations of Asia“
10:30 : Stéphane Grumbach (INRIA, Lyon) "Intermediation platforms in China"
11:00 : Viriginie Vial (IAO) "When institutions fail : the positive mediating effect of seemingly ‘unproductive’ entrepreneurship in Indonesia"
11:30 : Round table discussion : agenda for the coming year and future meetings

12:15 : End of the meeting