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Photo Max Oidtmann

Fonction et institution

Assistant Professor of History, Georgetown University
School of Foreign Service in Qatar


Max Oidtmann is a historian of Late Imperial China (1368-1912) and Inner Asia (Islamic Central Asia, Tibet, Mongolia, and Manchuria). He also is interested in modern China and the affairs of minority ethnicities in the People’s Republic of China. His current research is on the legal culture of Tibet during the Qing dynasty (roughly 1636-1912). At Georgetown, he teaches Asian history, as well as specialized courses on the history of China, Islam and Muslims in East Asia, Tibet, and comparative studies of empire and colonialism.

Late Imperial China, Modern China (especially late Qing and Republican history), Tibetan History, Art History, Intellectual History, Environmental History

Dr. Oidtmann received his PhD from Harvard University in History and East Asian Languages in 2014.
Dates de séjour à l’IAO

Mai-Juin 2015

Participation au colloque : Les lieux de la loi dans l’empire chinois / the Places of the Law in the Late Chinese Empire.
Séminaire de l’IAO en juin